About Pip Pip
Pip Pip, the tiny, retro creature whom was created by Professor Nasty with a gold "P" on his chest is the main character in the comical Barkalar Games indie game, "Professor Nasty Time: The Stupidly Unfair Test Simulator 2016". After his creation, Pip Pip was put to the ultimate test of life where he had to best challenging obstacles like no other.

Although small and somewhat fragile, after surviving the simulation full of spikes, saws, cannons, nasty traps, evil flying pizza slices, monster-like derp fish, and many other obstacles along with raising the dongers, Pip Pip has shown us all his toughness and survival skills. Because of Pip Pip's design, he also has many different costumes he can wear during his long, rage inducing, nearly impossible, painful test...

Games Featuring Pip Pip