Last Night, I Was Shot by Cupid

Ethereal & Romantic Vibes

Pop • Easy Listening • Jazz

Music Producer: Barkalar Games

Cover Art: Natalia TyczyƄska

Mastering Engineer: Paulo Germano

Mixing Engineer: Paulo Germano

Release Date: 2017

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1 Last Night, I Was Shot by Cupid


2 Heaven Only Knows


     3 She Sends Me Flying to Dreamland


4 Caught in the Storm of Love


5 Let's Get Lost in the Autumn Enchantment


     6 The Loveliest Rose in the Garden


     7 A Magical Night in Paris


A lush, beautiful EP full of romantic magic and charm designed to provide ethereal vibes from the moment the first song begins!

This EP is full of lovely gems. The process of making this album was very enjoyable. Each song is beautifully and delicately composed to fill the listeners with romantic, magical vibes that will sweep them away to an ethereal place.

During a vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I had the opportunity to work on "Heaven Only Knows" with a beautiful view of the ocean, moon, and starry sky in my La Concha Resort room. The crashing waves in the night helped create the perfect romantic scenery that set the perfect mood for this song.

-Barkalar Games