Frequently Asked Questions

What artists and songs inspire you the most? My favorite eras of music are 60's, 70's, and 80's music. My songs are all original, but I suppose the style of music I create is often inspired by the music of those eras.

Do you develop games in a collaboration? No, I develop games in every aspect alone.

What inspired you to make games? I have always enjoyed playing video games, so I guess the thought of developing games that consist of my own ideas motivated me to develop games.

What games inspire you the most? I do not really view other games for ideas for the most part. Not using my own ideas would ruin the point and fun of developing games in my opinion. I just implement any good, fitting idea that comes to mind.

What inspired you to start making music? I had to start composing my own music once I decided to start developing commercial games. Eventually, I ended up loving the process and material I was producing which led to making and releasing my own albums worldwide on music stores.

Can I design fanart of your property? Yes. I consider content such as fanart to be a sign of love and support, so that would be perfectly fine with me. Just keep it clean.

May I use any Barkalar Games property such as graphics/characters/music/website content? All Barkalar Games music is free to use for purposes aside from distribution as long as you give proper credit. All Barkalar Games characters, images, and website content is not free to use without my permission.