Album Music Preview

14 Songs, TBD

Produced in Atlanta, Georgia

Art Design: Sabrina Emond and Barkalar Games

Sabrina Emond:

Special thanks to my family, Gavin Downey,
Sabrina Emond, Sam Larson, and Martin
Barkalar Games IV
Pop - Easy Listening • 2018

Coming Soon:

  • ★ 1 Always and Forever

  • ★ 2 The New Atlanta Jam

  • ★ 3 No Dreams Without You

  • ★ 4 This Is Smokin'

  •     5 Incredible Musical Magic

  • ★ 6 Back Into the Funk Again

  • ★ 7 Revolia's Love Script

  •     8 Red Rose Magic

  • ★ 9 Come Walk With Me in Dreamland

  • ★ 10 A Treasure You Are to Me

  •     11 As Dreamers Pass in the Night

  •     12 Drifting Through Memories

  • ★ 13 Weekend Paradise Tune

  •     14 Let's Take Some Time (To Say Goodbye)

  • Releases: 2018
  • ℗ 2017, 2018 Barkalar Games

  • About the Album
    Dallas, Texas
    Atlanta, Georgia

    The process of producing this album started off slow with very few ideas, but when the song ideas finally started to come to me, the album really turned out to be something special. So many great songs with some new styles I thought of and decided to try out which made the process of making the album a lot of fun.

    For this album, I decided to focus on making more up-tempo songs which led to the creation of songs like "Back Into the Funk Again" which I made in Dallas, Texas while on the road, "This Is Smokin'", "Weekend Tune Paradise", and "The New Atlanta Jam" which I dedicated to my hometown.

    I had the pleasure of making this album's art cover with the very talented artist, Sabrina Emond. Over the years, she has made many great works of art. When I thought of the idea for the cover's design, I knew she would be the best person to go to for the job. Her character design of me turned out excellent! Once she finished the designing the Barkalar Games cartoon character, I designed the rest of the cover and implemented her work into the cover.

    -Barkalar Games

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