With his army of monster creations roaming Zauberland in search of Zauber Gems, Dr. Gavin, the
antagonistic mastermind, plans to use the power from the Zauber Gems to finish his newest
creation. An entity that holds more power than any other in the entire Zauberland universe... With
this dreadful creation complete, Dr. Gavin plans to enslave every being in the Zauberland universe.

With the heroic force out to ruin his plans, Dr. Gavin becomes irritated and decides to command his
creations to stop the heroes at all costs. After kidnapping the sister of the main character, "Stern",
Stern and Dr. Gavin are now rivals. When all else fails, Dr.Gavin is not afraid to fight his own battles...
Dirty of course... Things could get ugly... Dr. Gavin was created in the Barkalar Games indie game
"Zauberland: The Linkage of Heroes" in the year 2013.

Dr. Gavin's character design is based on my really good friend, "Gavin Downey". Check out his
Youtube and Twitch channel.