Pop, Easy Listening • TBA, 2018
15 Songs, TBD Minutes
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 1 Elizabeth the Earth Angel6:13
 2 Heaven's Breeze5:02
 3 We Should Take the Chance Again5:23
 4 God Saves the World4:33
 5 Stairway to Destiny5:16
 6 This Serenade Is Your Song4:47
    7 Early Morning Magic4:20
    8 When Our Time Arrives4:00
    9 California Daydream2:41
    10 Song Coming Soon0:00
    11 Song Coming Soon0:00
    12 Song Coming Soon0:00
    13 Song Coming Soon0:00
    14 Song Coming Soon0:00
    15 Song Coming Soon0:00
℗ 2017, 2018 Barkalar Games

Produced in Atlanta, Georgia
Art Design: Barkalar Games
Special thanks to my family, Gavin Downey, Sam Larson, and Caitlin

What a special album Barkalar Games V turned out to be! Not only is the
album full of beautiful music, the process of making the album was quite an
interesting one. One night while on the road in Louisiana, I was riding along
down Interstate 20 while looking out at the starry sky when the idea of
the song "This Serenade Is Your Song" came to me. The tune sounded
really nice in my head, but I didn't start creating the song right away
because it wasn't a piano song. When I finally decided to make the song,
I just decided to make it my first guitar song ever while in Tallulah, Louisiana.

In the same night that the idea for "This Serenade Is Your Song" came to me, I
decided to start working on a new song dedicated to our Father in Heaven called
"God Saves the World". We live in a corrupted world that can only be rectified if everyone
were to hear and follow the word of God thus where the name of the song comes from.

During a trip to Orlando, Florida with my father to deliver goods to the
Hurricane Irma victims, I made the beautiful song, "We Should Take the Chance Again".
While in Dallas, Texas, I decided to make "Elizabeth the Earth Angel" for the mother of
a friend and her inspiring faith which turned out beautifully.