Pop, Easy Listening • May 2, 2017
15 Songs, 65 Minutes
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 1 Ready for the Wind4:24
    2 Destiny4:46
    3 Break Down the Walls3:09
 4 Lone Star Night4:48
    5 Good Times and Sea Breeze3:28
 6 Road to the Father6:06
 7 Fantasy on Cloud 9 (Remix)5:08
 8 Boom Goes the Dynamite4:10
    9 Eternal Hearts5:03
    10 Let's Game On3:26
 11 Summer Get Down3:39
    12 Dream Come True4:37
 13 Together at Shore (Remix)4:21
    14 Uptown Music3:45
 15 Late Night Flow4:14
℗ 2017 Barkalar Games

Produced in Atlanta, Georgia
Art Design: Barkalar Games
Special thanks to my family and Gavin Downey

My second album, Barkalar Games II, is special to me for a few reasons. Not only is
the album full of some lovable tracks, it was technically the first album I produced
where every song was made specifically for the release of an album. The
process of making the album began early 2017 shortly after the
release of my first album, Barkalar Games I.

This album comes with some great up-tempo songs such as "Boom Goes the Dynamite"
and "Summer Get Down". While working on the album, I decided to make the
song "Road to the Father" which is dedicated to our Lord in Heaven. Inspired by classical
music, I wanted to make a song and create my own piano interlude which led to
the creation of "Lone Star Night". During a trip to Dallas, Texas, I had
the opportunity to make the song "Late Night Flow".