Hello, my name is Ryan Miller (Barkalar Games). In the years of 2006 - 2007, I decided I wanted
to develop my own video games. Because I enjoyed playing games throughout my life, the
thought of creating and playing games based on my own ideas such as graphic styles, level
designs, characters, and game plots motivated me to begin teaching myself the process of
game development. During these early years of working as Barkalar Games before moving on
to the commercial game market, I developed and released games such as "Block Island: Trouble
in Paradise"
, "SUPER EX-PONG", and other freeware projects.

After years of working on various projects to release on the freeware market, I began working
on the indie game, "Yelaxot" late 2010. During the early stages of Yelaxot's development, I had
no intentions to distribute the game commercially, but after showcasing the game, the public
along with my family and friends convinced me to release it as my first commercial game. Once
Yelaxot was complete after a ton of time and work, I went on to distribute the game on stores
such as Steam, Humble Bundle, Desura, GamersGate, and various other stores. Around the year
of 2014, Yelaxot successfully shipped more than 100,000 units. With my first official commercial
game being on the market, I eventually decided to revisit some of my old projects to remake
and release them as commercial games as well.

When I decided to take my work to the commercial market, I had to make a choice between hiring
a music composer or teaching myself how to produce music. Despite being sent multiple offers
from music composers wanting to work with me, I decided to force myself to begin creating my
own music for my game projects. In the beginning, I honestly did not enjoy making music at all.
The process of producing a song always felt like an annoying chore to me. Though due to the
situation, I continued to force myself to try creating fitting music for my projects.

Eventually after years of making Video Game Music (VGM), I found myself struggling to come up
with new ideas for VGM. I then decided to stop focusing on trying to make fitting VGM and just
start making the kind of music that I like. I wanted to make music that could be enjoyed away
from games as well as in the games thus why I converted to making Pop and Easy Listening
music. This change gave me a lot more possibilities regarding what kind of music I could create
and what I could do with the music overall. Afterwards, I made songs like "Distant Memory",
"Mexico Groove", "Time to Slow Jam", and many other songs.

Around late 2016, I decided retire my work from every game store and focus on distributing
my games from my site only. Shortly after this decision, I decided the best way to distribute my
music was by releasing my songs on albums which led to the production of all of the available
Barkalar Games albums here. With my new style of music, I finally started to love the process of
producing music and found myself full of many song ideas. To this day, I continue to make music
and release albums with a lot more content to come in the future. Barkalar Games albums are sold
on many different music stores worldwide including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Napster, and
Google Music Store. I officially began working as "Barkalar Games" in 2008.